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TEVERLER is a long-established family business that has been operating in the construction and timber industry for more than a century (since 1910). Since 1990 it has crowned its success in these sectors with the textile sector in the third generation. TEVERLER, which creates collection designs, supports production and exports to many world brands as well as to our country, has been producing for 15 years with its own brands such as EGOS and SOUND PROJECT for domestic and foreign markets and has this experience. 75% of our production consists of 75% knitted and 25% woven T-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts and coats. In an area of 3000 m2 we offer services of design, management, planning, cutting, sewing, ironing, packaging and quality control. Our principles, which give our company a competitive advantage in the market, are good quality, reasonable price, on-time delivery and quality service.


To develop quality service concepts and practices, continuously supported by human resources and technology, by identifying market needs and expectations; To realize successful projects that develop each sector in which the company operates and benefit the national economy through a policy of unconditional customer satisfaction; To ensure the continuous economic and social development of our employees and society; To support and guide change; To spread this awareness by benefiting the environment and society with a sense of social responsibility; To set an example in the rational use of natural resources in our country and in the world; To be one of the exemplary practitioners of corporate governance and ethical values in all production and commercial activities.


The company has been confidently developing with its experienced staff and stable steps to develop and grow in the textile industry where innovation appears every day. “Quality always means trust, trust always means high quality customer potential”. With this principle, Teverler Textile has always made quality its mission. The staff of our company, who always have the calmness to do their job, have brought their company to a remarkable place in the domestic and foreign sector. We are working to make TEVERLER Textile bigger, higher quality, more diverse and better in the years to come. We are working to make a greater contribution to our country every day and to create more jobs every day. No matter how difficult the conditions, we will always work for the best and do the best.